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Energy Conservation

Educate students and staff on where their energy comes from

Provide students with charts and facts about where Ohio’s energy comes from - like these from the Energy Information Administration:

  • Natural gas:

    • 2/3 of Ohio households use natural gas for home heating

    • Ohio is one of the nation's top 10 natural gas-consuming states

  • Coal:

    • In 2020, the electric power sector used 85% of the coal consumed in Ohio (most of our electricity comes from coal!)

    • Ohio is one of the top 10 coal-consuming states in the nation.

    • Ohio uses about six times more coal than it mines.

    • Cincinnati is one of the largest inland coal ports in the U.S.

  • Renewables:

    • Renewable energy resources supplied about 4% of Ohio's total in-state electricity generation in 2021 (3/5 wind, 1/5 solar, 1/5 biomass and hydroelectric)

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