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Brazee Studios is a glass art design and fabrication studio located in Oakley. Their experienced team of designers and fabricators can bring your vision to life in glass. They specialize in fused glass installations, fixtures, awards, and artwork for corporate, architectural, and residential spaces. Or, they can also help you learn to make your own glass art through their nationally recognized Glassroom curriculum and kits.

Why They're Green

Brazee Studio’s state of the art facility not only allows them to experiment with glass in new and innovative ways, but also showcases their commitment to preserving the natural environment and reducing their impact on it. Their building is LEED silver certified and hosts a state of the art Solyndra 33.5kW direct grid photovoltaic solar panel system on the roof. The landscape surrounding Brazee features a monarch butterfly conservation waystation, a bioswale rain garden to receive and absorb stormwater runoff, and a garden full of native plants.




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