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Colerain Township, one of the largest townships in the state, employs 306 talented public servants dedicated to making its neighborhoods cleaner, greener and safer for its 59,239 residents.

Why They're Green

The vision of Colerain Township is to be a model government in service of a diverse and vibrant community, employing next practices to be pace-setters regionally in every department and a destination for smart, creative and dedicated employees, residents and business people. The Colerain administration and employees have taken this vision to heart and employ multiple green practices throughout their operations. In 2022, they installed solar panels on the Colerain Senior and Community building, providing roughly 30% of the energy needed for the building.

Colerain employees also have the ability to compost their food scraps at work through an onsite compost tumbler and a partnership with GoZERO. In 2022, Colerain expanded their compost efforts to include the first community-funded compost drop-off for residents in the region. As of May of 2023, township had already diverted 3,250 pounds of food waste through the program.




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