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Luxfer Magtech specializes in developing, manufacturing and supplying a broad range of products that safeguard and protect from chemical response kits designed to help safeguard life in chemical warfare attacks to nutritious food and beverage options for militaries and first responders.

Why They're Green

Luxfer is committed to operating safe, clean, and environmentally compliant facilities while offering excellent customer service. Sustainability is incorporated into the strategies, policies and values that govern Luxfer's operations, reflecting their commitment to sustainable long-term growth. Each Luxfer facility, including Luxfer Magtech, creates a quarterly ESG scorecard to report their progress towards Luxfer’s 2025 Environmental Goals of:
• 20% reduction in total absolute CO2e emissions
• 10% reduction in total absolute freshwater usage
• 20% reduction in total absolute waste to landfill
• 10% increase in net material yield (as % of scrap rate)




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