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Mercy Montessori provides a world-class education and a strong foundation for learning and discovery as Greater Cincinnati, Ohio’s first and oldest Montessori school. Mercy Montessori is a private, independent Catholic Montessori School offering a special educational and life experience for children from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.

Why They're Green

Mercy Montessori infuses sustainability practices into the curriculum for all students, preschool through 8th grade. Composting, recycling, and reusing have become part of the children’s daily routine. Their unique Farmessori program provides an opportunity for students to raise chickens, bees, and grow and sell local produce through summer Farmstands in the community. In the cafeteria, all of the plateware is reusable and students sort their recyclables and compostables each lunch period, leaving little waste sent to the landfill. In 2022 Mercy began partnering with the Cincinnati Recycling to further divert hard to recycle items such as spent school supplies, plastic film, plastic utensils, and flexible packaging.




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