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My Why is a non-profit that exists to help children living in poverty meet and exceed their basic needs, allowing them to grow where they are planted. It is My Why's mission to disrupt the food desert cycle. Teaching children to better themselves, better their families and better their neighborhood. All this starts at the root while the children are young and before they become a victim to food insecurity.

Why They're Green

My Why provides a number of different programs focused on teaching children and families about healthy produce and how to grow their own food. However, My Why’s programs go beyond just education. For example, Power of Produce program teaches children the positive outcome of produce, provides produce taste tests, and allows for student to "shop" a farmer’s market that’s brought directly to the school by taking home 12 fresh produce items each.

My Why is also committed to sustainable growing and farming practices. Their Freight Farm located in the West End is a hydroponics system set up in a shipping container. While it’s 320 square feet footprint might be small, this sustainable system is capable of growing 13,000 heads of lettuce every 45 days and uses less water, creates less waste, and needs fewer chemicals compared to traditional farming practices.




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