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Roads Rivers and Trails (RRT) is Cincinnati's family owned outdoor outfitter located off the Little Miami Scenic River in Milford.

Why They're Green

RRT recognizes that the outdoor and retail industries each have real challenges to addressing environmental impacts. But as an independent retailer, they have the freedom to make conscious decisions and are creating green initiatives that push them to be at the forefront of change in the industry. RRT is constantly working to improve their internal recycling and reuse practices, energy consumption, and outreach efforts. In addition to internal policies, RRT also offers multiple programs to assist customers with sustainability efforts and give back to the community. For example:
• The Extra Mile Program: They’ve partnered with top brands to provide an easy way for customers take advantage of their repair services. While these brands are happy to repair, restore, or recycle items 365, RRT's send back model offers customers a kind reminder, free shipping, and when applicable a discount on repair fees.
• In-House Repairs: For small repairs that don’t have mail back programs, RRT offers an in-house repair service.
• Vendor Initiatives: RRT is working directly with brands to ensure the products offered in-store are of the highest grade, both in performance and sustainability. They are currently creating a Responsible Inventory Initiative to transparently assess and prioritize brands that are working towards the betterment of the planet through quantifiable actions, participation in national sustainability initiatives, and support stewardship programs.




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