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Sustainergy Cooperative is a worker-owned co-op that provides low-cost, high-impact solar and energy efficiency services to homeowners in the greater Cincinnati, OH area.

Why They're Green

Sustainergy Cooperative is a worker-owned solar and insulation company committed to sustainability and social justice. Founded in 2013 by Coop Cincy, they have served thousands of Cincinnati homeowners offering free home energy assessments and working closely with homeowners to design low cost, high impact solar and energy efficiency upgrades to their homes.

Sustainergy's Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification allows them to use a building science centered approach to every customer by installing solutions - not products. And as an employee-owned co-op, they are committed to providing fair compensation, health insurance, a collective bargaining agreement, free college education, bonuses, and paid vacation so their team can live full lives and spend time with their families.




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