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Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Eco Engineering, a national energy services company specializing in lighting system upgrade services, is committed to providing excellent sustainability solutions for clients; a commitment that extends to their own office and operations. Some highlights from Eco Engineering’s 513 Green Workplace certification include:

Energy Conservation

Making use of natural lighting through a combination of window tints, occupancy sensors, and lighting dimmers

Waste Diversion

Collecting and diverting multiple material types

Transportation & Air Quality

Encouraging employees to carpool and share rental cars when traveling to job sites

Being an energy solutions company, it’s not surprising Eco Engineering has made great strides with energy efficiency in its own corporate headquarters. For example, to optimize the use of natural lighting, Eco Engineering utilizes a combination of tinted window film, lighting dimmers, and occupancy sensors. But their commitment to sustainability goes beyond energy.

Waste Reduction

Eco Engineering has also made strides to reduce its office waste. They have a recycling “hub” where multiple types of materials are collected for recycling or proper disposal; employees are even encouraged to bring material in from home. To encourage waste reduction, employees don’t have trash cans at their desks and there is a system in place for employees to reuse office supplies. Usable, but no longer needed office furniture and supplies are then donated to local organizations such as Habitat to Humanity and Matthew 25 Ministries.

Transportation & Air Quality

With clients across the country, travel to job sites is a necessary part of their operations. However, Eco Engineering seeks to offset emissions by utilizing online conference calls and encouraging employees to carpool and share rental cars when traveling. Air quality is also a concern for the company; they have a smoke-free policy which extends to job sites and at hotels and uses non-toxic cleaners within the office

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