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Incorporate ​Sustainability into Job Descriptions or Performance Reviews

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Office Checklist - Sustainable Actions Category: 8. Incorporate ​Sustainability into Job Descriptions or Performance Reviews

Display a commitment to sustainable action in job descriptions or add a sustainability-related metric into an employee’s performance review.

  • ​Is boilerplate language about your company always included in job postings? Can a sentence about being a company committed to sustainability be added?

  • Reach out to 513 Green advisor for examples of local job descriptions that incorporate sustainability priorities.


Incorporating sustainable actions into performance reviews ties the company’s sustainability goals to personal actions, allows employees to take ownership of sustainability goals, and creates a sustainability culture.

Putting a sustainability commitment into a job post also helps attract new employees interested in sustainability who want to work for an environmentally conscious company. This differentiation will set you apart and create a competitive advantage.

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