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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Have an excess food donation policy or program


Find out what food is safe for donation in Hamilton County here​.

Track food waste or have employees participate in a wasted food reduction challenge


Provide access to compost opportunities

  • Set up an onsite compost site where select scrap food can be composted.

  • It's important to ensure the correct material is collected and to have an onsite application for the created compost​.

  • If you would like to compost onsite, it's highly recommended to reach out to Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District to evaluate the feasibility.​​

  • Have a composting service in place to collect and transport food waste.

Communicate waste diversion successes and metrics to employees

Provide employees with regular updates about waste initiatives and progress.

  • Post progress towards waste goals on bulletin boards, signage above bins, posting tips in staff spaces, including regular sustainability reminders in staff meetings or newsletters, or posting updates on the company intranet channel.


​Regular updates helps to keep waste efforts at the forefront of employees’ minds and ties employees’ effort to actual results.

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