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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Have a sustainable purchasing policy or recommendations

Examples and Templates:

For further tips about easing into green purchasing, visit NASPO's Green Purchasing Guide website

Additional points are awarded if your company does its best to:

Buying from local vendors first.


Reduces emissions associated with transportation and supports the local economy​

Requiring products with recycled content.


Supporting the recycling market doesn't just mean recycling material, but also

purchasing the products made from recycled content

Buying reusable or durable goods over disposable.


Reduces the waste and cost associated with buying disposable goods​

Requiring supplies when possible to be delivered with minimal/recycled packaging.


Simply asking suppliers if they have green shipping options can help reduce

unnecessary packaging waste​

Having a centralized supply ordering system and/or buying in bulk when possible.

Benefit: ​

Having one person in charge of ordering supplies helps to consolidate multiple

shipments into one and allows supplies to be ordered in bulk, reducing transportation

emissions and packaging waste

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