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Specialty Recycling

Find outlets for hard to recycle items using Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District's Recycling and Reuse Outlet Search Tool or contact the Let's Stop Waste at Work program

Have single stream recycling service

Have a recycling service in place for the workplace​​​ where all newspapers, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, junk mail, etc are placed in a single bin or dumpster for recycling.

For assistance with recycling service, education, and signage contact Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District’s Let’s Stop Waste at Work Program

Learn how to establish a waste reduction and recycling program using this guide

Your waste hauler usually gets the right of first refusal for recycling service – the three main recycling haulers in Hamilton County are Rumpke, Republic, and Best Way.

All landfill, recycle, and/or compost bins are clearly labeled"

  • Have separate bins distinctly marked for landfill, recycling, and compost (if applicable)

  • For assistance with recycling service, education, and signage contact Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District’s Let’s Stop Waste at Work Program


​​The more consistent and distinct the bins are, the more likely employees will use them correctly. ​Color coding the bins and using pictures are additional best practices.

Have performed a waste audit

  • A waste audit can be physically sorting through samples of your waste and recycling or visually inspecting it and estimating the amounts and types of materials. ​

  • To have a waste audit performed at your workplace, you can request a free audit through Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District. Learn more about the different audits provided here. Or perform one on your own; here are some guidance resources:

  • ReWorks Waste Audit Guide

  • How to Conduct a Visual Waste Audit


The information gained from waste audits are a great way to benchmark and reference waste reduction progress from one audit to the next. Waste audits also provide important information about contamination in recycling bins that can inform education needs.

Have deskside recycling bins with a smaller waste bin or no waste bin at desks


A simple change in the size of recycling and trash containers could vastly improve the amount of waste that is correctly recycled in offices.

A Keep America Beautiful study found the most effective way of reducing waste at employees’ desks is to provide a recycling can paired with a smaller trash can. Small, hanging trash bins are available Hamilton County's Let's Stop Waste at Work Program.

Track and measure waste and recycling


This ​information can be used to right size trash and recycling dumpsters, avoiding unnecessary waste removal costs.

Have regular communication or training with the employees that collect recycling


  • Ensure that the employees or contracted janitorial service that collect the recycling know where all the recycling bins are placed and work together to decide how often the recycling needs to be collected

  • For tips and sample language for contracting recycling service with your janitorial service company, see this guide


Waste and recycling collection crews often have the best insights into how well a recycling program is working including what areas need additional bins, departments that need more education, etc.

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