Why get 513 Green Certified?

It’s good for Southwest Ohio and great for business.

Implementing sustainable practices in the office can lead to cost savings, increased employee engagement, and increased visibility to green-conscious consumers.

Often, businesses have elements of a sustainability program in place, but lack a comprehensive strategy. The 513 Green Workplace Certification provides a framework to guide your business through several key areas of sustainability. In addition to being a free certification, our advisors also provide free assistance and resources to help your business create a lasting and successful program.


Some of the main reasons to implement sustainable practices are:

Better for the environment

  • Reduce your workplace’s environmental impact by conserving important resources

Better for the bottom line

  • Often, sustainable practices can help save money by reducing your energy, water, and waste bills

Better for employees

  • Workplaces with comprehensive sustainability programs have been shown to have higher employee  motivation and retention rates

Better for customers

  • Customers increasingly report wanting to patron businesses that show a commitment to sustainability

Better for your image

  • Having a third party certification helps to prove that your green marketing claims are substantiated and trustworthy

In addition, 513 Green Certified Workplaces will receive:

  • A certificate and decal

  • Use of the 513 Green Workplace logo

  • A verified listing on a public directory

  • A shout out in social media posts, blogs, and a newspaper ad

  • Access to technical assistance and networking opportunities