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CompostNow is a compost service provider that makes composting easy and clean by offering weekly and bi-weekly pick-up services at your doorstep or small office in Cincinnati.

Why They're Green

CompostNow’s mission is to grow the composting movement by making it easy for their members to divert food waste and enrich soils. By hauling food scraps and delivering compost, they do the dirty work for customers and ensure success.

Due to the high volume of food waste CompostNow converts into compost each year, their operations produce net negative greenhouse gas emissions. Despite this, CompostNow further counteracts their carbon emissions for their fuel and diesel consumption by investing in carbon offsets.

ComostNow also supports sustainable, local, chemical-free food through their Garden Partners program. Customers have the option to share their earned compost with local farms and gardens, who create equitable access to healthy food in our communities.




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